OLP Education: Litigation Support 101A: The Basics

20 Jan 2011

Starts:  Feb 23, 2011
Meets:  Tuesdays & Thursdays

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm Pacific

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Central

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Eastern

Master the skills needed for top-notch Litigation Support positions. Discover how to optimize development and deliver processes so that you can handle a case from the moment it is assigned to the Litigation Support department until post-trial.

From framing the project, selecting software, understanding eDiscovery and working with attorneys and staff to interfacing with users and vendors, this live, online and visual course has the solutions you need to succeed in this booming legal arena.

The Syllabus:

Understand the EDRM Model and its major components so you understand how your work fits into the overall project10 Steps to Manage eDiscovery Projects

Learn steps that lit support professionals should take in conjunction to provide quality service to their clients and law firms.

  • How to define the scope of the project
  • Create RFP’s
  • Properly evaluate vendors
  • Negotiate the terms of vendor contracts for services and understand pertinent language
  •  Design a project control process between vendor and lit support and assure that tech support is part of plan
  •  Conduct Quality Reviews that detail all QC procedures and document all decisions made (suchy as search term
  •  Reevaluate and adjust project plan as needed
  •  Create strong documentation procedures so all decisions can be revisted
  •  Follow through after documents have been produced. Follow procedures for document holds, copies etc, and document destruction policies
  •  Prepare a post case analysis of success and failures to firm up or replace problem vendors and put service agreements in place. Revise your plan for next time

In addition, you’ll learn:

Building a Database
Attorney Involvement
Project management
Images and Scanning
preparing docs for coding
Creating an Effective Coding manual
Load Files
Quality controls
Selecting and Working with Vendors
Vendor services
Onshore v Offshore Issues
How to evaluate a vendor
Avoiding conflicts of interest
Drafting RFPS
Interviewing and checking vendor references
Monitoring vendors
Privilege Documents

How to build a database of privileged documents

And much more…For full Syllabus:   www.theOLP.org

With no travel or time away from the office necessary, OLP’s Live Online & Visual Interactive courses are a great way to keep your professional development ongoing – in a compact timeframe.

In these interactive, instructor-led courses, you’ll be able to talk, see and text with faculty and peers via chat and webcam. The user friendly platform lets you easily share work in breakout group activities. Access recorded sessions 24/7 if you miss a class.

Classes are limited to small work groups.

Tuition:  $895.00 per person
Starts:  January 18 – March 10 2011
Meets 2x per week:  Tuesday and Thursdays for 2 hours each class.

Classes are recorded and can be accessed 24/7.

Special Discount: Two-for-One Tuition:
$895.00 for two students
until December 10th

Does not include texts. Classes, instructors are subject to change. Tuition must be paid prior to the start date of the course. No refunds. Students may provide substitutes or apply credit towards another course.

Please send an e-mail to [email protected]. Provide contact and billing information and names of all students. We will invoice you within a few hours.

For more information: 760-610-5462 or [email protected]