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Accessible from Anywhere in the World

Discovery has become electronic. This paradigm shift has hardly been noticed by the bar at large, but documents are rarely created on paper anymore. Nearly all evidence is created using some type of computer device. This has created both enormous advantages and challenges for the legal practitioner. The challenge is the volume – finding one’s key evidence in the ever growing haystacks of information. Technology created the problem. But it also created the solution! Powerful databases capable of machine learning, with robust search engines and bank level security can deliver all your case evidence at your fingertips anywhere that you have an internet connection.

Technology Will Save You Time and Money

ILS’ Plaintiff Consultancy offers cutting-edge technologies and online document review services specially tailored for each of our clients. In our global economy, where consumer litigation often includes multiple defendants and international corporations, secured access to online databases and repositories for electronic document discovery is essential. Our platforms support most foreign languages and are surprisingly affordable. In fact, because of the increased efficiency you’ll achieve with our advanced tools, you’ll spend less time putting your case together, enabling you to take on more and larger matters. More importantly, through ILS’ technology, your reduction in review costs will likely more than pay for our services. Our online document review and case management systems have an intuitive user-interface, a wide variety of reporting options and easy to use work-flow that quickly gets you to the information you need for a successful outcome! The eDiscovery experts at ILS will guide you through the process, working in partnership with your team to find the facts that win cases. We will identify, preserve, extract, interpret and document evidence on any scale. HIDDEN TRUTHS TARGETED, IDENTIFIED, AND DELIVERED.

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