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How to Find the Hot Documents Quickly

ILS has streamlined and refined Plaintiff electronic discovery by developing artificial intelligence (AI) programs to find and organize the key evidence in your cases. AI based systems are trained by eDiscovery experts to recognize complex issues by reasoning about knowledge, like people do. By focusing on themes and elements of your Causes of Action, we can identify the key documents supporting those themes. Our Analytics Experts use these powerful tools to find the most important documents deliver them to you in neat coherent folders.

Critical Issue Building

Training our advanced technology to find and sort documents according to Client’s Case Themes is called “Issue Building.” In case after case this ILS original has proven to be a critical component for developing the Plaintiff’s case. Once trained, ILS technology searches the entire review platform based on concepts – not keywords. Each document is scored by its relevance to each issue, enabling us to find the critical evidence and classify them by their appropriate issues. The organization and reporting built into our systems will help you better understand the probative value of your evidence. You can use that understanding to better prepare for depositions – filling evidentiary holes and supplementing the documentary evidence.
In our experience, less than 10 percent of defense production is relevant to the issues important to the Plaintiffs. Yet, to get to that 10 percent, a traditional document review process will require your team to spend many months (and obscene amounts of money) to pore through the production looking for the relevant documents.

Rather than a traditional brute force linear review, our AI based Issue Building process enables Plaintiffs’ counsel to review defense produced documents within discrete folders organized by the topics that are important to the case. Our process has been highly successful in finding better documents in less time and at lower cost than through teams of human reviewers. This is the ILS Advantage – Leveraging Technology to Find Hidden Truths and Deliver them to you.

Instead of the traditional brute force review process, ILS uses “Expert Systems” to programmatically and accurately issue code defense produced sets of electronic documents. Our litigation consultants train sophisticated AI-based document analytics to recognize your key issues. Our systems then “read” through and analyze enormous volumes of documents identifying the data you want to read – the documents which are strongly relevant to the topics that you need to work your case. Your review team can spend its time focusing on the 10 percent of the documents that are meaningful to your case, rather than getting bogged down in the 90 percent that will not matter.

Save Time and Money

Furthermore, we can complete this in a matter of weeks, not the months or years required for traditional document review. Our process also has a high accuracy rating – much higher than can be accomplished through a traditional human review process.

Our Automated Issue Building process is multi-lingual, so Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, and many more languages are analyzed for issue relevancy with ease!

Strategic Planning from the Beginning of Your Case

To maximize your benefit from our unique processes, defense productions must conform to specific format requirements. These formats do not impose a burden on defendants. In fact, they use the same format for their own review to determine what they’ll produce to you. Most often, they just produce PDFs. With properly formatted load files, whole worlds of possibilities open up for Plaintiff discovery. Our legal consultants will guide you through this process and help you negotiate to get what you are entitled to receive. Strategic planning in the early stages of discovery are essential to ensure that the formatting of productions meets these requirements.

You are legally entitled to the defense production in this manner, but you will have to demand it in your production requests. Review our case studies for specific details on how ILS found solutions to specific discovery problems and saved our clients a significant amount of time and money.

Contact us today to learn more about how our automated Issue Building can conquer your Plaintiff eDiscovery challenges and streamline the document review process for efficiency and accuracy.