ASU’s 2nd Annual eDiscovery Conference to Include Discussion of Updated ABA Model Rules

4 Mar 2013

The second annual eDiscovery conference is taking place at Arizona State University from March 13-15. The Sandra Day O’Conner School of Law is hosting the event, entitled “eDiscovery—The present and the future,” with keynote speakers including the Hon. John Facciola, U.S. Magistrate Judge in the District of Columbia and the Hon. Craig Shaffer, U.S. Magistrate Judge in the District of Colorado.

Judge Facciola was also the keynote speaker of the conference last year, and he stresses the importance of electronic discovery law for practicing attorneys. “It’s impossible to exaggerate the importance of electronic evidence in courts,” he told ASU News. “Ninety-eight percent of all communications in the world today are electronic.”

He also highlighted the ABA’s amended rules regarding electronic communications and discovery. Judge Facciola noted that although the ABA expects practitioners to understand technology, the importance of this topic is not yet stressed in law schools. The ABA has updated its model rules on attorney competency and now states that knowledge of technology is a requirement for legal competency.

Our plaintiff electronic discovery firm has noted the changes to the ABA’s model rules. To view our newsletter entitled, “ABA’s Updated Ethical Rules Reflect Advanced Technology: A Guide for Plaintiff Trial Attorneys,” click here.

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