Document Review Staffing - International Litigation Services

ILS has gone down this road many times. And in the course of our experience, we’ve made alliances with some of the finest managed document review concerns. We have developed protocols between us that enable ILS to use its technological advantages to maximum effect in concert with outstanding review management protocols. Avoid the real estate expense. Keep your staff focused on your case and let our dedicated review managers assure the productivity and review quality. We provide the computers, the review space, the review management, defensible documentation and quality assurance protocols (both human and programmatic) to assure the highest quality, most cost effective document reviews.
[1] TAR refers to the broad subject of Technology Assisted Review. It has been called Predictive Coding, Continuous Active Learning, TAR 1, TAR 2, TAR 3, CAR or computer assisted learning, machine learning, etc. All of these work through the same principle of finding relevance through computer driven algorithms that reflect the human decisions programming the machine learning mechanisms.