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ILS has provided a handy searchable archive of important decisions on discovery matters.
We do so as a convenience and hope that you will find it interesting, helpful and informative.
However, our case briefs are not intended to replace legal research or relieve counsel of their duty to independently evaluate the law as it applies to their particular cases.

  • Litigation Hold Missteps: Pre-waiver of Privileges

    26 Oct 2009

    By Diane E. Barry, Esq. In Major Tours v. Colorel, the federal district court for the District of New Jersey held that the client (defendant Colorel) had waived attorney client privilege regarding eDiscovery response process well before counsel began their actual discovery work. In other words, the privilege was gone

  • Using Interpreters in Litigation

    1 Sep 2009

    IN A GLOBAL ECONOMY, in which it is increasingly common to have disputes between individuals and companies from around the world, interpreting from a foreign language into English requires significant attention. It is not enough simply to hire an interpreter on someone’s recommendation and then let the interpreter take it

  • eDiscovery a.k.a. “The Money Pit”

    6 May 2009

    By Joe Thorpe & Diane Barry Esq. Are Rising Discovery Costs Inevitable? Most corporations long ago resigned themselves to the fact that litigation is just another part of the cost of doing business. Fortunately, given the current state of the economy, many corporations are re-examining this “fact.” Across the corporation,