Foreign Language

Document Production

If your case involves international parties, the ILS Team can overcome language barriers hurdles in depositions, foreign language translation, and communicating with and preparing witnesses. Our machine translation provides unsurpassed accuracy and can search documents and files in multiple languages. Our team of human linguists can provide certified translations you can use in court or deposition.

Understandably, foreign corporations tend to maintain databases and documents in their native language and usually do not provide translations to Plaintiffs’ counsel. By combining machine translation with human translators, ILS is fully equipped to handle even the largest foreign language document production that your case demands.

ILS linguistics team can work with you and our in-house attorneys and consultants to perform issue building on virtually any foreign language. ILS linguists can work with you and our project managers to produce substantive analyses based on the review of foreign language documents.

Critical Issue Building

Categorization or issue building is a critical component for building the Plaintiff’s case. Taking advantage of concept searches and machine learning, ILS technology searches the entire databases based on concepts, not specific keywords, and scores each document in accordance with relevance to each issue, enabling us to help you find the critical evidence and designate them to their appropriate issues. The organization and reporting built into our systems will help you better understand the probative value of your evidence and use that understanding to better prepare for depositions – using them to supplement the documentary evidence.

Available reports include a timeline of important events, cast of characters, issue specific analyses (knowledge, concealment, etc.), and deposition dossiers for specific custodians.