Jason Meyers’ Top 5 Everlaw Features

8 May 2024

ILS is excited to offer the Everlaw tool to our clients, an eDiscovery platform that offers a range of innovative features designed to enhance legal workflows. Our consultant, Jason Meyers, shares five of his favorite Everlaw features.

1. Predictive Coding and AI-Assisted Review

Everlaw leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to add levels of automation to the document review process. Through easy-to-manage predictive coding, Everlaw learns from user decisions to prioritize relevant documents, significantly speeding up the discovery process and reducing costs.

2. Collaborative Workspaces

Everlaw provides collaborative workspaces where legal teams can work together in real-time on case documents, notes, and analysis. This feature fosters seamless communication and coordination among team members, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

3. StoryBuilder

Everlaw’s StoryBuilder feature enables lawyers to construct persuasive narratives visually by organizing case facts, evidence, and arguments. This interactive tool facilitates the creation of compelling outlines for depositions, hearings, and trials, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of legal strategies.

4. Search and Analytics

Everlaw offers powerful capabilities that enable users to quickly uncover relevant information within large datasets. Its intuitive search interface and robust analytics tools empower legal professionals to extract valuable insights efficiently.

5. Data Visualization

Everlaw includes tools that allow users to visualize relationships, trends, and patterns within their case data. This feature enhances understanding and facilitates decision-making by presenting complex information in a clear and accessible format.

Learn More About Everlaw

Everlaw is just one of the platforms we recommend. Contact us for a demo of Everlaw or any of our other options. We stand by all of them and can tailor the best product to your case needs! 

Jason Meyers

Litigation Consultant

As a consultant at ILS, Jason enjoys advising Plaintiffs’ counsel on methods to successfully navigate the discovery process using the latest technologies. Before joining ILS in 2021, Jason practiced law for five years at the Plaintiffs’ law firm Simmons Hanly Conroy LLC, where he managed large review teams, including on several high-profile opioid litigations.

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