In class action lawsuits and multidistrict litigation, electronically stored information (ESI) as part of discovery has become the norm, not the exception.

To be able to most efficiently classify, issue code and review voluminous electronic evidence, plaintiffs must draft specific discovery requests in order to receive properly formatted productions. Defense teams will resist production requests specifying native files, search records that have already been filtered and use other methods to cause delay and minimize productions. As a firm specializing in plaintiff eDiscovery services, ILS experts can help you overcome these challenges.

ESI Strategy Planning

ILS provides in-depth start to finish planning and strategy support to help you position your matter. We help plan:

✔ ESI identification strategies
✔ Support defining & negotiating formats
✔ Requests for production preparation support
✔ Relevance identification search protocols
✔ Gap analysis to spot production deficiencies
✔ Cost shifting strategies

Additional areas of support:

✔ Spot and negotiate ESI discovery issues with opposing counsel and the court
✔ Preparation and timing for PMK depositions
✔ Written discovery demands and responses
✔ Deposition and witness preparation
✔ Discovery-related law and motion practice
When attorneys are in need of eConsulting and strategic planning, our plaintiff focused electronic discovery firm is composed of like-minded thinkers who provide creative solutions to overcome any challenges invoked by a defense team. The law is on your side, but only if you must draft your discovery requests using proven ESI protocols against the often over-whelming power of the white shoe defense firms. in the specific formatting necessary to benefit. Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about the full range of services we offer.

ILS Strategic Consulting Services

ILS provides fast transparent services at a predictable price.

Manage Your eDiscovery With Ease

We help your law firm plan, organize and execute eDiscovery solutions.

Strategic Planning

We work with your firm to identify the best solutions!

ILS has the advantage of working with 100s of plaintiff firms and processing over 100 million emails and documents.

Best of Breed Solutions

ILS has identified the best solutions for eDiscovery

Take advantage of technical and legal expertise in the eDiscovery marketing.

Document Hosting

Secure, fast access to your data

ILS document hosting services provide secure, fast access to all your data and reports.

Data Analytics

Quickly analyze and review your data

ILS provides tools and services that make it easy to analyze and review large amounts of data.