Mass Torts & Class Actions

Over a Decade of Focused Experience

Over the past decade of exclusively Plaintiff Consultancy, ILS has distinguished our company by continual success in the largest Mass Tort and Class Action matters on the planet. We have assisted in virtually every Federal Products Liability Mass Tort case against big pharma and medical device manufacturers, with distinguished success in Actos, Medtronic Infuse, TRT Litigation and many more. Our assistance was pivotal in automotive and other product liability Mass Tort matters such as the VW Diesel, Takata Airbag and Samsung Galaxy Phone cases. In short, ILS has succeeded in its mission to bring balance and equity to Plaintiff’s eDiscovery.

We understand through our many Mass Torts and Class Action matters that Plaintiff’s sit in an asymmetrical posture regarding the volume of their production as compared to defendants. Defense oriented ESI providers are tasked with culling data as early as possible, then processing, hosting and reviewing that data as it flows through the funnel of elimination. We’ve seen defense attempt to hide good documents in terabytes of nothing-burgers that are barely responsive or overwhelmingly defense supportive. From an eDiscovery perspective, that reality requires a different kind of services provider. ILS has built our practice on finding the HIDDEN TRUTHS, using technology to uncover them and categorize them in ways that help our clients build winning cases.

Consultants to Help You Succeed

Defense oriented consulting is predicated on helping their institutional clients reduce their risk by limiting the amount of data they need to process, host and review. And defense firms have their own eDiscovery practice professionals – lawyers who came from strong technology backgrounds who lead the discovery protocols for their firms. These are sophisticated and very talented technology lawyers well versed in presenting ESI protocols that strongly favor their clients’ interests, which may seem completely reasonable, both to the court and often to Plaintiff’s counsel. Don’t be fooled. These are not friends trying to accommodate. They have an agenda and its aimed at a defense verdict.

ILS levels the playing field. We overcome the defense agenda with our sharply honed technology solutions and seasoned professionals. We recognize that the Plaintiff’s bar is at a distinct disadvantage, both from this resource imbalance AND because of the disproportionate burden of receiving a literal blizzard of digital evidence, often at the last possible time before important case events.

We have assembled a group of subject matter experts to provide insight and guidance to your team. ILS will help you negotiate on par with the best of the BigLaw eDiscovery Lawyers. We will negotiate by your side and testify for you in court to assure that the Rules support your entitlement to the evidence. As cases proceed, our team is proactive, assuring that productions comply with ESI Protocols. We check for gaps, for missing custodians, and other omissions. We find the smoking guns. We will help you make winning arguments in motion practice and advocate for you with Special Masters.

Serious Plaintiffs Need Plaintiff Focused Discovery

ILS is focused on the leading Mass Tort and Class Action cases. We fit well with the political structure of their Steering Committees. We understand the dynamics of the Common Benefit. We have the resources, expertise and the wherewithal to fully support your matter without breaking stride. Our heart is in the fight. ILS is dedicated to JUSTICE, to finding the TRUTH and to assuring that the rights of those injured in the pursuit of greed are COMPENSATED.

Overcome Defense Tactics to Limit Your Discovery

We understand Mass Tort economic dynamics very well. Plaintiff’s counsel must bankroll these actions. Defense knows that and works strategically to deny, delay, limit, obfuscate, chip away at causes of action, and increase Plaintiffs’ costs to run down Plaintiff’s war chest and compel more favorable (desperation) settlements.

ILS responded by offering the lowest hosting rate in the marketplace and then topped that with a service bundle aimed at both lowering spend and making it more predictable. In addition, we do what virtually no defense oriented ESI vendor would consider – deferring and / or amortizing Plaintiff’s discovery costs over the course of the case. We demonstrate our passion for the mission by putting skin in the game.

ILS is honored to be approved as a “Best in Class” member of the Mass Torts Vendors Association. All MTVA members must meet very specific qualifications and standards, and every member is held accountable to those requirements. The MTVA’s purpose is to set standards for “Best Practices” within the mass tort legal community based on ethical ideals and practices that will elevate the quality of client services, distinguish members to existing and potential clients, and earn the trust of trial lawyers.