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  • Court Awards Plaintiff $24K in Computer Forensics Expert Witness Fees

    15 Jul 2016

    In Integrated Direct Marketing, LLC v. Drew May, et. al., Case No. 14-1183 (E.D. Va., June 28, 2016), Plaintiff sued Defendant May, a former employee, for misappropriation of confidential and proprietary information that he allegedly shared with his new employer, Defendant Merkle. Defendant May worked for Plaintiff from January 2012

  • Is an eDiscovery Order Immediately Appealable as a Final Judgment?

    30 Sep 2013

    In the state court case of Radzick, et al. v. Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, et al., No. AC 34952(Conn. App. Ct. September 17, 2013), the plaintiff was the estate of a young boy who died allegedly due to medical malpractice by the defendants. Plaintiff discovery requests sought email and electronic

  • Despite “Wiping Software,” Metadata and Other Forensic Artifacts May Remain

    23 Aug 2013

    In the cases discussed in our prior blogs this week, “wiping software” had been used by parties in an attempt to delete what is likely adverse information on personal and work computers. As expert computer forensics continually improves, it has become more likely that deleted files and metadata can, in

  • Court Orders “Dead” Computers be Brought Back to Life by Forensics Experts

    21 Aug 2013

    Expert computer forensics has received a lot of attention in civil litigation lately, as parties are realizing that deleting files may not be as permanent as they otherwise thought. In an interim memorandum and order dated August 5, 2013 in the case Net-Com Services, Inc. v. Eupen Cable USA, No.

  • Email Chains Burn BP in Massive Plaintiff Multidistrict Litigation

    17 Dec 2012

    Oil giant BP is facing a massive MDL lawsuit in the Lone Star state. Plaintiffs are 47,830 sick residents, plant contractors and workers from the Texas City, Texas area. A fire at the town’s BP oil refinery caused the company to release over 513,795 pounds of toxic chemicals into the

  • Electronic Discovery Shines a Bright Light on Defendant Misconduct

    5 Sep 2012

    Our blog frequently writes about preservation of evidence and how corporate defendants are getting into hot water when their litigation hold policies fall short. As more corporations move to full electronic data over paper documentation, it will become harder to hide, destroy or fail to produce relevant evidence. This is

  • Second Circuit Takes Two Steps Back to Enforce Duty to Preserve Evidence

    3 Sep 2012

    The standardization of eDiscovery protocols and better computer forensics is giving a boost in modern litigation to plaintiffs seeking to uncover the truth. Electronic data is difficult to hide or destroy, as it almost always leaves trace artifacts and trails. This was evident in the Zubulake series of cases where