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  • DOJ’s Untimely Litigation Hold Results in Inadequate ESI Production and Sanctions

    10 Dec 2012

    In the recent case of U.S. ex rel. Baker v. Community Health Systems, Inc., 2012 WL 5387069 (D.N.M. Oct 3, 2012), the U. S. Department of Justice (DOJ) alleged the defendant engaged in Medicaid fraud.  In a motion for sanctions, defendant alleged that the DOJ’s litigation holds were untimely and

  • Plaintiff eDiscovery Uncovering Damaging Evidence in Papa John’s Class Action

    3 Dec 2012

    The class action litigation in the U.S. District Court in Seattle against defendant Papa John’s has now entered the discovery phase.  Plaintiffs are consumers who allege the pizza maker and franchisor of over 4,000 restaurants violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The class was certified last Friday, and plaintiff trial

  • What Are Defendants Hiding in NuvaRing Multidistrict Litigation?

    30 Nov 2012

    Multidistrict litigation differs from class action lawsuits in that each plaintiff pursues individual lawsuits, but the discovery and pretrial phases are consolidated for purposes of judicial economy. In Re: NuvaRing Products Liability Litigation, No. 08-md-1964, (E.D.Mo.) is an ongoing federal MDL case against pharmaceutical manufacturers Merck, Schering-Plough and Organon. (Another

  • Plaintiff eDiscovery Requests Reveal Damaging Email Threads in Facebook Lawsuit

    28 Nov 2012

    Facebook has been embroiled in litigation for over two years regarding the validity of  some of its users’ “clicks” on its pay-per-click advertising.  Plaintiffs in the suit are Facebook advertisers who pay the company every time an internet user clicks on their ads. The plaintiffs sought class action certification and alleged

  • Sweeping Plaintiff eDiscovery Ordered for Social Media Accounts in Class Action Lawsuit

    26 Nov 2012

    Courts have struggled to strike the proper balance between discoverable information and the invasions of privacy rights of plaintiffs with social media accounts.  While the general rule of thumb is for defendants to make a threshold showing of relevancy before private information is ordered produced, a federal court in Colorado recently

  • Will Leaked Michael Jackson Email Threads Affect the Plaintiff Class Action Lawsuit?

    23 Nov 2012

    A class action lawsuit by singer Michael Jackson’s former assistants and employees has been filed against concert promoter AEG Live in Los Angeles for over $7 million relating to unpaid wages.  The lawsuit alleges the plaintiffs suffered a financial loss and were not paid wages arising from AEG’s knowledge of the singer’s

  • A Plaintiff eDiscovery Guide to Remedies for Defense Electronic Data Spoliation

    21 Nov 2012

    The onset of the paperless world has made electronic data discovery ubiquitous in all civil litigation. However, with the advent of electronic data comes an ongoing plaintiff electronic discovery challenge of the “fox guarding the henhouse,” or the temptation for defendants to obscure or destroy relevant data after the duty

  • Revealed eDiscovery Email Chains Score Points in NCAA Class Action

    21 Nov 2012

    In the class action lawsuit filed by former NCAA player Ed O’Bannon and joined by 15 other former football and basketball players, plaintiffs allege that their images and likenesses were illegally used by defendants NCAA and Electronic Art Sports for commercial products.  As part of discovery, plaintiffs sought and obtained email threads

  • Sheldon Adelson Faces eDiscovery Sanctions Over Chinese Casino Dispute

    17 Sep 2012

    Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, whose estimated worth is approximately $20 billion, is facing sanctions for eDiscovery violations in a county district court in Las Vegas. The plaintiff in the ongoing case Steven Jacobs v. Las Vegas Sands, A627691-B, alleges his former employer fired him from his position as CEO of