George Swoyer - ILS

George Swoyer

Litigation Consultant
George Swoyer brings a wealth of talent to ILS. An attorney since 2001 with a specialty focus on eDiscovery, he advises Plaintiffs on Best Practices, designs workflows to enhance document reviews and helps them navigate the challenges of discovery. George, an expert on multiple hosting platforms, benefits from his experience in many complex litigations that were peppered with foreign language, audio files, complicated redaction rules and diverse privilege categories.

Prior to joining ILS, George worked as a Team Lead and Project Manager for one of the largest defense-oriented vendors. Plaintiffs will benefit from his insights into the defense discovery processes and tactics that often work at cross purposes with Plaintiffs. He has deep experience managing large review teams as well as higher level reviews for privilege, sensitive document analysis and technology assisted review. At ILS, George works closely with counsel on multi-district litigation and class action matters, applying technology to find important evidence, leveraging supervised learning, predictive coding and various early data assessment, prioritized review and coding validation workflows.

George attended the Delaware School of Law and actively practiced in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for nearly a decade, ultimately deciding to focus his practice on eDiscovery consulting. He is a Relativity Certified Administrator, an Xera/Iconect Certified Project Manager, a Brainspace Certified Analyst and enjoys learning and mastering the latest technologies and tools that help to balance the scales in Plaintiff side discovery.

In addition to working with Plaintiff firms on eDiscovery matters, George actively volunteers with the Brooklyn Volunteer Lawyers Project to assist indigent clients, enjoys traveling globally, expanding his knowledge base and spending quality time with his wife and two children.