Jason Meyers - ILS

Jason Meyers

Litigation Consultant
Jason Meyers has been working in the eDiscovery field from nearly the time he became an attorney in 2005. Having worked on multiple complex litigations over the years, Jason possesses the experience and knowledge to advise Plaintiffs on methods to successfully navigate the discovery process and create innovative workflows that utilize the latest technologies to yield the best results for clients. Jason has practical experience in most every hosting platform and knows how to use these platforms to comply with the requirements of complex eDiscovery protocols involving extensive redactions and privilege categories.

Prior to joining ILS, Jason worked as the Manager of the eDiscovery division of a notable Illinois Plaintiff firm for five years. Here, he managed large review teams on multiple projects simultaneously, ensured litigating attorneys were provided the best evidence as they prepared for depositions, created processes for technology assisted review that prioritized the best evidence, designed detailed privilege logs to stand up to Defense scrutiny, and led research efforts using various hosting platforms and computer technologies to pull out the hidden gems of evidence from both Defense and Plaintiff productions.

Jason earned his JD from the Washington University School of Law and is a member of the Missouri State Bar. He gained extensive experience working with many of the leading complex litigation firms in the St. Louis area on both the Plaintiff and Defense sides before being hit with the revelation that Plaintiff work yields greater societal and personal rewards.

In addition to his work assisting Plaintiffs with their eDiscovery matters, Jason can sometimes be spotted contributing his efforts to the St. Louis theatre scene, appearing in the casts of (occasionally) critically acclaimed productions.