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Joseph Thorpe

Chief Executive Officer
Joseph Thorpe is Chief Executive Officer of International Litigation Services, Inc., “ILS,” a prominent national Plaintiff eDiscovery firm. He has more than 30 years of executive level information technology experience and is an expert on the technical and legal aspects of Plaintiff electronic data discovery.

Pioneering eDiscovery Software for Litigation Management

Mr. Thorpe began his career in the IT industry in 1973 with Wang Laboratories. In 1978, he became the West Coast Director of Wang Laboratories Legal Solutions Group, which provided software and consulting for Wang’s VS Based Imaging Systems for litigation management, as well as for Time & Billing Programs and Case Management. He was responsible for the planning and design that resulted in several leading Los Angeles based law firms’ first steps into automated litigation support via large integrated mini-based computer systems using the Wang VS-IIS technologies. He also attended law school part-time during this period.

In the early years of automated litigation support, it was frequently the practice to use a database to point to paper document repositories. Mr. Thorpe was one of the first to apply image based solutions linking to databases working with Wang’s first foray into the imaging marketplace.

Breaking New Ground for Machine Learning and Predictive Coding

For the last twelve years, Plaintiff electronic document discovery has been the center of Mr. Thorpe’s practice. Under his direction, ILS has broken new ground using statistical toolsets for OCR accuracy improvement, introduced linguistic enhancements that dramatically improve machine translation and pioneered the use of expert technologies (artificial intelligence programs) for first pass issue coding, commonly known as predictive coding.

Mr. Thorpe has long understood that the field of Plaintiff electronic data discovery is a complex hybridization of discovery law and information technology, requiring a restructured, multidisciplinary approach for a competent and successful practice. Mr. Thorpe counts as one of his proudest accomplishments the ILS team of eDiscovery experts and consultants he has assembled over the years, comprised of leading ESI discovery practiced attorneys and IT specialists in infrastructure, database and corporate computing environments.

Continuous Support for Plaintiff Attorneys in Class Action, MDL and Mass Tort

Mr. Thorpe is a frequent speaker and panelist on the use of specialized electronic discovery practices and technologies in numerous meetings of attorneys, including: The American Bar Association, California Bar Association, The Rutter Group, The National Business Institute and Lorman Education Services.

Joseph Thorpe holds a B.A. from San Diego State University and a J.D. from Western State University. He is also a charter member of the Board of Governors of the Organization of Legal Professionals. Reach out to eDiscovery expert Joseph Thorpe for further information about ILS and for a free consultation to learn how his services at ILS can assist you.