Takashi Koga - ILS

Takashi Koga

Vice President, Technical Services

Takashi Koga brings a depth of experience and capabilities to ILS.  As the leader of our Client Services, he is integrally involved in setting the standards of excellence for the teams that support our clients’ needs.  His oversight of ILS workflows, protocols, quality assurance standards and application of technology reflect his 20 years of experience and materially contribute to the high caliber performance that has earned ILS its reputation as the Plaintiff Bar’s Go to source for competent discovery support.

Takashi leads several teams including technical services, linguistics, applied analytics and machine learning as well as foreign language translation – both certified human and ILS’ proprietary AI Enhanced machine translation.  Mr. Koga’s background in software development, quality assurance methodologies and automation, as well as in mainline translation services (as founder and president of Fireball Translations) make him uniquely qualified to lead our strategically oriented team.

Takashi holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the University of California at Irvine.