About Us

At ILS, our mission is to support the Plaintiffs’ bar in its fight for justice and to level the playing field against corporate defendants.


Our team is committed to bringing human and technological resources together to help our clients achieve successful outcomes. We have years of experience specializing in mass torts, class actions, securities litigation, Qui Tam actions, medical malpractice, criminal defense, and more.

The entire ILS Team stands with our clients as a trusted partner. Let us provide the technological expertise so you can focus on the legal case strategy.

Pioneers of Plaintiff Discovery

Established in 1988, ILS has become the nation's preeminent Plaintiff-only eDiscovery provider. We specialize in leveling the playing field for the Plaintiffs’ bar by providing high quality discovery services to help clients win their cases.

ILS stands apart from other eDiscovery vendors in our commitment to serving only the Plaintiffs’ bar. Our clients know that they are sharing their vital case strategies with like-minded professionals who are as committed and passionate about getting justice for Plaintiffs as they are.

Our Special Sauce

To support our Plaintiff-focused work, our core team of attorney consultants assists in negotiating ESI Protocols and contending with discovery challenges, enabling our clients to obtain elusive documents from defendants.

ILS specializes in developing workflows, algorithms, and processes to discover hidden truths that Plaintiffs’ counsel know exist, but can require special technology to unearth. From cutting through the noise with our multi-pronged analytics tools to providing foreign language specialization, we are always looking for new ways to better serve the Plaintiffs’ Bar and its unique needs.

Our History of Success

During the past decade of our exclusively Plaintiff consultancy, ILS has distinguished ourselves by continual success in the largest mass tort and class action matters on the planet. We have assisted in numerous federal products liability cases against pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers, with noteworthy successes in litigation related to Actos bladder cancer, Medtronic Infuse bone grafts, Pinnacle hip implants, and Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

We have also provided our services to high profile automotive and other product liability mass torts, including litigation related to the Volkswagen Diesel emissions scandal, combustible Takata airbags, the Boeing Ethiopian Air aviation disaster, and 3M combat earplugs. In short, ILS is actively succeeding in its mission to bring high quality eDiscovery services to the Plaintiffs’ Bar.

Recognized for Excellence

In litigation, results matter. ILS is passionate about finding justice for those harmed by the actions of others. We work tirelessly to achieve client objectives, contributing our expertise to find the key evidence that wins cases. ILS is proud that our clients trust us and recognize us for our work.