Document Hosting - ILS

It Isn’t the Tool, but the Way You Use Them

ILS provides our clients with a top-notch, web-based document review platforms with all the attendant technical support, hosting expertise, and data security necessary for fast-paced litigations. We are experts at hosting large, multi-million-document defense productions, and have a particular expertise in serving lawyers litigating product liability, mass tort MDL’s and class actions, including automotive defect cases involving foreign language documents (e.g., the Toyota Unintended Acceleration Litigation).

Every case will benefit from our advanced litigation platforms. Large or small, ILS is here to help. Easily organize your evidence. Put it into chronological order with a mouse click and let your evidence tell the story. With our powerful search engines, you’ll be able to find the needles in the haystacks. Your attorney notes will be searchable and finding documents you know you’ve seen will be at your fingertips. Advanced technology will let you use one good document to find lots of others like it. Our hosting expertise will make you more efficient and effective. We’ll train you on the system and support you throughout your case.

ILS Finds the Key Documents You Need

ILS employs cutting-edge, Plaintiff-driven analytical computer programs that our in-house lawyers use to quickly analyze defense productions based on concept and sentiment. These programs read every page of every document and then score those documents for the issues or themes in one’s case. These analyses help our clients identify the critical documents faster and more accurately than the traditional brute force linear review. These key documents typically reflect only 5%-10% of the total defense production, drastically reducing the number of documents that would necessitate “eyes on” review. ILS’ powerful system helps to focus and narrow attorney review, reducing costs and enhancing discovery effectiveness.