Powerful Online Document Review

iCONECT-XERA offers increased speed and power for web-based, online document review to help clients tell their “winning story”. Evolved to improve efficiency, accessibility and workflow, the XERA platform is optimized for smartphones and tablet devices.

When paired with ILS analytical services, XERA allows for easy review and investigation of large defense productions leading to targeted identification of hot documents and key attachments. Quickly uncover critical connections with one-click review of email relationships, email threads, near duplicates and conceptually similar documents.

Simplify Your Life and Your Projects with iCONECT-XERA

Legal review is hard enough. Your eDiscovery software shouldn’t be. iCONECT-XERA gives you unprecedented control and cost savings over the entire eDiscovery review project works the way you think helps legal teams maximize productivity has an easy-to-navigate interface includes enhanced collaboration delivers a future-proof feature set.

XERA provides the following (and much more):

Instant, highly secure global collaboration: XERA provides global access to all your case-critical documents and provides project collaboration features such as comments and messages so that you can communicate and share project material in real-time.

eDiscovery and Project Materials Support

E-Mail Databases: E-mail attachments can be stored as separate records so you can search, folder,review, and print e-mail attachments.

Native Files: In addition to processing document metadata, extracting the full text, and creating an image, we can also provide the original document in its native format. XERA enables viewing files without the native program for maximum review efficiency.

Images: View images and document data in the same view

Annotate and print images.

Document Review: Create document batches for reviewers; Robust and flexible Coding Pallet to easily classify documents.

Searches and Faceted Search: Refine searches using pre-defined facets, and use traditional search techniques beginning with basic searches, then progressing to advanced queries that can include searching specific fields and folders.

Folders: Create color-coded folders with meaningful names to organize documents. You can folder search results, individual documents, or a document range.

Visual Summary of Data: Discover data trends, track review progress, and search significant graphed data using the iVIEW interactive charts.

E-mail Analytics: Target and identify significant e-mail communication and domains using 6 Degrees® -Relationship Visualizer.

Advanced Analytics: View and assess e-mail threads, near-duplicates, and conceptually similar documents using the Related tab, and compare near-duplicate documents to pinpoint document differences.