Ipro Eclipse - ILS

Easily Process Any Type of Data

Ipro AD Review is an eDiscovery workflow solution that allows users to easily process any type of data, have it ready for analysis or review in minutes, and avoid lengthy upload times for situations needing an agile response.

Using Ipro’s Best-in-Class processing tool, your team can quickly ingest, assess, and prepare thousands of file types, then stream them directly into Review.

This allows for a completely scalable solution that can handle projects of any size without sacrificing quality, efficiency, or client experience. With Ipro enables you to work the way you want-from discovery to trial.

Benefits of Ipro :

Increased productivity & efficiency
Greater insights into your case
Introduce automated quality controls to minimize human errors
Focus on your case, not the technology
Decrease staff hours spent on tedious, time-consuming tasks
Flexible license transfer
Lower your overall discovery costs

Streamlines Workflow

Ipro is 15x faster than traditional batch-processing, streamlines the workflow, and reduces the starts and stops of eDiscovery—helping you get into Review quickly. The automated and integrated workflow gives law firms, corporations, government agencies, and service providers a simpler, more affordable way to process, track, review, and produce discovery.

Ipro lets you avoid the time delays, errors, and budget overruns common in other eDiscovery systems. With Ipro, discovery data is automatically copied, processed, filtered, and loaded into Review. Ipro also includes, self-service data uploads directly into Review, media management, forensically sound data copy, high-speed processing with data culling, Early Case Assessment (ECA), advanced analytical review, production, and full case reporting.

When you choose Ipro as the solution for your eDiscovery needs, you also get the benefits of a true technology partner-best-in-class support with sky-high NPS, plus eDiscovery and trial services to help you meet your case deadlines.

Included with the deployment of your case in Ipro:

Data Copy
Data Streaming (deduplication, DeNist and early stage filtering)
Processing (Imaging, OCR)
Document Review
Media Manager
Forensic File Extraction
Standard Discovery
Early Case Assessment (ECA)
Technology Assisted Review (TAR)
Migration Tools
OCR Multi-Language Capabilities
Self-Service Uploads
Advanced Analytics
Consultant for Software Deployment
Power of a DBA at Lower Cost
Active Directory Integration