Single Event Litigation - ILS

Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

The complex issues that exist with electronic discovery are not unique to just Mass Torts or Class Actions. They exist equally in single event or small cases. And in some respects, the same discovery concerns are even more critical to understand and grasp where resources and budgets might be more limited.

In a single event case, it may be tempting to forgo demanding that an ESI protocol be negotiated and entered or accept a production consisting entirely of PDFs in the interest of getting documents produced quickly, but what are you really giving up?

While the idea of pursuing and obtaining ESI in a single event case may seem daunting, the benefits of getting ESI in the correct format and within the relevant scope of the litigation will far outweigh the cost of being forced to accept discovery in a manner dictated solely by the defense. ILS will help you take control. We are the equalizer, providing cost effective technology and resources that can counter the larger defense firms and insurance companies' seemingly endless budgets.

Benefit from Technology and Experience

Moreover, having the ability to effectively triage and understand the ESI produced early in the case can be the difference between early settlement or getting bogged down with document dumps where the cost of review will leave no choice but to take the case to trial.

Don’t be outgunned in your single event case. ILS can provide solo and small firms with the same advanced technologies we leverage in the mass torts cases and class actions and can customize a budget and strategy that is individualized to fit the needs of your case.