Strategic Consulting

ILS is composed of like-minded thinkers who provide creative solutions to overcome any Plaintiff challenge invoked by a defense team.

ILS has a team of highly experienced discovery specialists, technologically savvy lawyers on staff who are expertly knowledgeable about ESI case law and familiar with defense production tactics. They are comfortable sitting at the negotiating table with you or testifying in court. We will help you draft your ESI Protocol, Preservation Notices, and your discovery demands. We will help design your damages model and create a strategic discovery plan to obtain the evidence to support it. Our continuing consultation and assistance will help prepare for your depositions with issue building and witness preparation. And our consultants will work with our technologists to find the answers to the questions that arise during every litigation, providing evidence to underpin your arguments, support your motions and provide expert testimony whenever needed.
ESI Protocol Development and Negotiation
Preservation Notices
Issue Building
Strategic Discovery Consulting
Structured Data Analysis
Discovery Demand Construction
Discovery Response Consultation
Deposition Preparation
Technical 30(b)(6) Deposition Preparation and Assistance
TAR Protocol Consultation
Motion Support
Expert Testimony
Negotiation and Special Master Liaison Designee