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ILS has provided a handy searchable archive of important decisions on discovery matters.
We do so as a convenience and hope that you will find it interesting, helpful and informative.
However, our case briefs are not intended to replace legal research or relieve counsel of their duty to independently evaluate the law as it applies to their particular cases.

  • Asymmetrical Plaintiffs Can Hit the eDiscovery Sweet Spot

    11 Apr 2011

    Like children with their noses pressed against a bake shop window, parties with large eDiscovery collections requiring pre-production review can often, for a host of reasons,  only gaze longingly at the tempting  new technology-based tools and techniques that can  slash eDiscovery time and costs by staggering amounts. No such constraints

  • In re Fontainebleau Las Vegas Contract Litig., 2011 WL 65760 (S.D. Fla. Jan 7, 2011)

    24 Jan 2011

    By Diane Barry The dangers of mixed use servers.  In In re Fontainbleu Las Vegas Contract Litigation the matter concerned financing the construction of the Fontainebleau Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.  The immediate dispute was over production of ESI : the Fontainebleau moved the court for an extension of

  • OLP Education: Litigation Support 101A: The Basics

    20 Jan 2011

    Starts:  Feb 23, 2011 Meets:  Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm Pacific 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm Central 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Eastern Master the skills needed for top-notch Litigation Support positions. Discover how to optimize development and deliver processes so that you can handle a case from the moment it

  • Lorman Seminars:Electronic Data, Discovery and Document Storage

    20 Jan 2011

    Length: 87 minutes Product ID: 387062EAU Benefits Do you find yourself dreading your next eDiscovery matter? Would you like to develop a road map that will guide you through the maze of collecting, processing, reviewing and producing electronic data? This auOnDemand Webinar will help you to develop a well-crafted discovery

  • GIGO and MEGO in e-Discovery

    13 Dec 2010

    GIGO – Garbage In, Garbage Out – is a seminal axiom of all data processing which applies with full force in the realm of eDiscovery.  But, in eDiscovery, there is another wrinkle, i.e., valid data that that washes out prematurely (or, beyond the scope of this entry, is never collected

  • Ethical Obligations in eDiscovery – New Lexis/Nexis Webinar with e-Discovery expert Diane Barry and the Hon. James Smith

    3 Dec 2010

    2010 Update: Ethical and Professional Obligations in E-Discovery In-Depth CLE* Webinar Wednesday, December 15, 2010 3 p.m. (Americas) Eastern Time (US & Canada) Register Join eDiscovery expert Diane Barry and the Hon. James Smith (Ret.) for a one-hour Webinar on the attorney’s ethical obligations under the new eDiscovery provisions of

  • e-Discovery: Proportionality, Technology and Practice Standardization

    3 Nov 2010

    Principle 6 of the just released Sedona Conference Commentary on Proportionality in Electronic Discovery provides that: Technologies to reduce cost and burden should be considered in the proportionality analysis While most of the provided commentary (parties should meet and confer, etc.) will be familiar to eDiscovery adepts, there is some

  • LexisNexis Coffee Break Webinar Series: Ernst Halperin and Diane Barry Discuss Current Issues in California e-Discovery

    1 Nov 2010

    Contact Us Global OnDemand Events Current Issues in California E-Discovery Join Ernst Halperin and Diane Barry as they discuss current issues in California e-discovery, including new cases and changes since the passage of the 2009 California Electronic Discovery Act in June of 2009. This hour-long CLE* Webinar will dig into

  • Current Issues in Legal Holds: Are You Prepared?

    8 Oct 2010

    Benefits If there ever was a ‘honeymoon’ on preserving discoverable documents and data for litigation…it’s over now. The stakes are higher than ever and so are courts’ expectations for parties and their lawyers. Organizations simply must have in place a compliant legal hold process that effectively preserves discoverable documents and

  • Frederick Jelinek — A Semantic Giant Passes

    5 Oct 2010

    Frederick Jelinek, who revolutionized language recognition by using statistical theory and probabilities instead of codifying rules, died in his office at John Hopkins on September 14 at the age of 77.  The approach that he pioneered in the context of computer speech recognition, analyzing text databases for word patterns and